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We offer FREE assessments either face to face or by telephone.

If appropriate, you can speak to a qualified addictions counsellor (professionally accredited) who will get to understand your specific needs and who will then be able to advise the best way forward for you personally.

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Local Rehab Centers VS Distance Rehab

How far away should the rehab be from your home?

The most important thing is not how far away is the rehab but that it is the right one for you. Lots of people think they do not want to go too far and we can understand that, but on the whole, once you get to the rehab, you are so busy focusing on getting well and making the necessary changes in your life, that it does not matter whether you are 30 miles from home or more than 300!

Some people even decide to travel abroad (but on balance that is not something we would recommend – see below).

The Haynes Clinic is an exclusive rehabilitation centre for the treatment of addiction and alcohol dependency.

The Haynes Clinic is located in a tranquil, rural setting. It is a relatively small clinic with an average number of 12 clients at any one time . This offers considerable benefit – we are able to treat each client as an individual and offer treatment uniquely suited to personal need while maintaining the highest quality of care.

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Effective Addiction Couselling

For many clients it is possible to get well without going to rehab. Call us first on

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to discuss how a private counsellor specialising in addiction can help.

Effective Addiction Rehab
“Why going overseas might be the right option for you”

Explore our specialist South African Clinic on the South Coast.

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The Addiction Advisor Guarantee

  • Advice on both free and private addiction treatment.
  • An absolute commitment to finding you best value if you are seeking private addiction treatment.
  • A guarantee that you never pay more for residential treatment than by approaching a particular addictions treatment centre directly.
  • Advice only on treatment centres registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).
  • Working only with individual counsellors, doctors and nurses who maintain registration with their professional regulatory bodies.
  • Provision of on-going support in your home locality to prevent relapse.

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